Enjoy that primal flavour of wood combined
with the convenience and simplicity of gas!

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Looking to elevate your grilling game? Look no further! At Back Country Grills, we are your trusted experts in smokers in and around Calgary, Airdrie, and Okotoks. Our extensive selection of high-quality grills is designed to meet your every need and preference.


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Wood-Fired Science

Temperature Controlled Wood Fire

A motor powers the auger, which smoothly delivers pellets into the firebox. Once there, a heat rod takes over and efficiently ignites the pellets, while a variable speed fan ensures a consistent burn. The Venturi-style firebox, designed with vertical vents, optimizes airflow, creating a cyclone effect that maximizes heat and ensures the complete combustion of pellets, leaving behind minimal waste. Choose Back Country Grills in Airdrie, Calgary, and Okotoks, Alberta, for top-quality pellet grill BBQ smokers.

Stainless Steel Heat Distribution

The heat shield covering the firebox efficiently distributes heat across the entire grill, allowing it to flow upwards into the convection-style grill chamber. An integrated sensor inside the grill continuously sends data to the on-board computer, which makes precise adjustments to the airflow and pellet flow. This ensures that your desired temperature is accurately maintained.

Please note that heat shield styles and positioning may vary between different grill models.

Now Available


Green Mountain Prime Grills

Grill smarter and eat better with our Pellet Grill BBQ Smokers! Experience complete control right at your fingertips. Whether you’re on-the-go or at home, easily monitor and control your grill using our server mode or your home wifi network. Elevate your grilling experience with Back Country Grills.

Ooni Pizza Ovens

Outdoor cooking should be limited only by your imagination – not your grill.

Phenomenal large pizzas, roasted joints of meat, seared vegetables or even fresh bread. Flame-cook epic meals outdoors with wood, charcoal, pellets or gas.

Eno/La Plancha

Experience and share moments of conviviality around a good meal, cooked and enjoyed together, in the open air! La plancha brings together cooking enthusiasts, curious amateurs, those concerned about their health and happy gourmands. You will fall for the daily outdoor kitchen , healthy and precise, easy to maintain and use.





Kansas-Style Beef Brisket

Kansas-Style Beef Brisket

Prep Time45 MinutesIdle TimeN/ACook Time12-16 HoursPellets/RubsGold Blend Pellets Serves 10+ peopleIngredients: Beef Brisket Dry Rub Pepper salt Many thanks to Joe Martin, a culinary legend, for this great recipe. The brisket embodies the essence of BBQ. If you can...



Prep Time15-30 MinutesIdle TimeN/ACook Time.5 HoursPellets/RubsGold Blend Pellets Serves 2-6 peopleIngredients: GMG Beef Rub Ground Beef Pepper salt Your Choice of Fixing The argument for burgers and whether to use lean and fat ground beef will never get settled....

Smoked Prime Rib

Smoked Prime Rib

Prep Time5 MinutesIdle Time2 hoursCook Time3-4 HoursPellets/RubsTexas Blend Pellets Serves 4-5 peopleIngredients: 1 4-5 lb Prime Rib Roast 1 cup GMG beef rub 1 Tbsp Canola Oil ¼ cup water 1 Tbsp soy sauce 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce Spicy horseradish Smoked Prime Rib...